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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Looking for a summer and winter air conditioner

September 17, 2014 by Leave a Comment
air conditioningMost people think of air conditioning as a system that cools in the height of summer. Yet a unit also set up as a winter air conditioner has a number of benefits. These include reducing the spread of germs and producing an atmosphere ideal for those that suffer with air-based allergies. Clean air and an ambient temperature will make those indoor days more comfortable, and help the festivities flow during a fabulous family Christmas. Here we look at how you will benefit with a winter air conditioner, also commonly known as reverse cycle air conditioners.
What is a winter air conditioner?
You might think of a summer air conditioner as one which pumps ice cold air into your home or office, though one of its main benefits is the way it removes moisture to dehumidify – dry air means less sweat. A winter air conditioner helps to maintain a comfortable temperature while humidifying the space it serves; in other words, it does the opposite to a summer air conditioner and helps you feel warm rather than cold.
Contrary to popular belief, a winter air conditioner is one of the most efficient ways of keeping your home warm (Ausgrid, 2011). And when combined with a summer air conditioner in the same unit, no longer will there be a need for two separate systems to keep your home or office at the most comfortable ambient temperature. That’s going to save on maintenance costs, too.
The benefits of a winter air conditioner
Though it may be a little more expensive to install than conventional winter heating systems, the running costs of a winter air conditioner will surprise most home owners. A winter air conditioner keeps you warm at half the cost of a gas heater and a third that of electric convection heaters. Apart from the money saved, here are some other benefits of installing a winter air conditioner:
  • The air filtration system keeps internal atmosphere free from dust and other pollutants, making staying indoors comfortable for those with allergies and helping to prevent germs spreading.
  • The ideal room temperature is reached rapidly, with control at the touch of a button.
  • A winter air conditioner is a quiet way of keeping your home at the perfect temperature, and when installed in a conservatory will increase the space in your home (a great addition for Christmas).
Stay warm in winter and save money
The benefits of a winter air conditioner will be obvious from its first operation, and the cost quickly repaid by reducing energy bills. With a number of winter air conditioning solutions available, there will be a system to suit your home and budget. Our experts will be happy to help you choose the best unit for your home, so that you can begin to take advantage of all the benefits a winter air conditioner offers.

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